The main event was the crowning of the 2008 Oregon Lucia. Last year’s Lucia, Anna Kosatka, was crowning the 2008 Oregon Lucia, Karita Lethonen Hårrskog, in front of an enthusiastic Scandinavian crowd in the Smith Memorial Ballroom at Portland State University.

The celebrations continued on the Lucia Day, December 13th, with the Lucia Fest Event at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Portland, where two Lucia courts whereat ending. First a Lucia court of young children from the Swedish School of Portland, followed by Oregon's Lucia 2008 and her court.

The Lucia program had music, singing, poem reading and everything else the Lucia Event is about: "This Swedish festival of lights helps to brighten up the long winter nights in December. It celebrates the life of a real saint, Lucia, who was known for her kindness and love."

The event was sponsored by New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society of Portland, Oregon

Leif Rosqvist
Editor, New Sweden Newsletter