.. it never had the wide range of styles as in recent years. Jazz, hip hop, rock bands such as the Hives, and cult bands such as Millencollin have been recognized now for a long time along with the more melodic, easy-listening artists. Peter, Bjorn and John earlier this year, Kristina från Duvemåla at Carnegie Hall, Swedish Bluegrass group G2 (www.nordstjernan.com/news/nordic/1662/) in Chicago, Nashville, a tour of Swedish traditional with a modern twist, folk-rock, through Väsen all during September, then right now, The Sounds on tour (www.nordstjernan.com/news/nordic/1677/) along with Loney, dear and Anna Ternheim

Singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim and then newly, loosely formed band Search and Destroy with singer Sofia Allard were photographed by Henrik Olund at the Waterfront Festival and celebrations for the inauguration of Sweden’s new Embassy in Washington DC in 2007.
The architect student Anna Ternheim made a name for herself by accompanying Swedish male troubadours, and in the fall of 2004 she released her first album, “Somebody Outside” (Stockholm Records/Universal). Her third album, "Leaving on a Mayday" (Universal) was released in 2008. Our early review said that Ternheim is introverted like the love child of Aimee Mann and Nick Drake, and her dark, cool voice has an extremely personal touch.


Anna Ternheim has continued her career, as has Sofia Allard, whose album ‘Search and Destroy’ was released in 2008 – the band of 2007 likely disappeared in its original form but the name became a song and you’ll find a pretty well cut video at an albeit poorly updated website: www.searchanddestroy.se
More on Anna Ternheim at www.annaternheim.com/

The new Embassy Chancery, House of Sweden, “possibly the most famous, well-located embassy of any country in Washington… very dramatic,” said Michael M. Wood, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden at the time. The inauguration ceremonies kicked off a series of exhibitions, open houses and seminars at the House of Sweden, which, in the words of the then Sweden’s Ambassador to the US, Gunnar Lund, is “a place for Sweden and Europe to meet America, exchange ideas and promote dialogue.”
On the agenda for 2007 were exhibitions or seminars covering a new road map for the automotive industry, design, the environment, travel to Sweden, and much more. The amount of activities may have slowed since but House of Sweden and the Sweden's Embassy Chancery is without doubt a nave for Sweden's activities in the capital area. For more info, see: www.houseofsweden.com