Liv Ullman on life, the Bergman Center and Bergman’s house

“I would like so much to talk about what it meant for me to see this house being built and for me to move in here with Ingmar. He built it for the two of us. But I was also here many times when we were no longer a couple, but colleagues.”
When she was back at Bergman’s house last spring, she was back as an actress preparing to play Mary Tyrone in Eugene O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”. Like most actors, Ullman is not afraid of emotions or spirituality. In a recent interview with Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter, she talked about getting older:
“Our insecurities get more visible as we age. As long as we’re young, it can be sweet and quite charming to not know or to be insecure. A lot can be excused when you’re young and pretty, and sometimes it’s difficult for people to realize you’re still like that inside. I cannot charm my way in life anymore.”
She continued talking about Bergman’s house:
“[It is] a place of memories. The door to the office where we had our journal and every day wrote hearts and crosses, it is still there today. I see that he kept at it through the years, continued writing in it. But the curious thing is, that when I left last time it was my Norwegian colleagues, actors, and the director and the set designer I remembered. My daughter Linn had this amazing vision that the house Ingmar left behind should be a place for artists from all art forms to come and work. And our ensemble became the very first one. Now others have sat in Ingmar’s chair at his private movie theater, others have sat in his recliner inside the house, Ellen Horn, the director of our theater in Oslo, Riksteatret, cooked delicious meals for us. After a week with the ensemble at Bergman’s house, we all got to know each other a bit better. According to the stipulations, it’s free of charge for the artists to live in Ingmar’s house as long as they give something back to the people on Fårö. Coming here for the Bergman week on Fårö, is my way of giving back.”
The premiere of “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” at Riksteatret in Oslo will be on September 1. More info, see
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