The Anything's Possible Workshop (Alltmöjligtverkstaden) in the Eastern Göinge region of northern Skåne is living up to its name as it fills an order for Pastor Anders Johansson of Broby for a statue of the Saviour that will stand a total of 26 feet 3 inches tall (8 meters) from base to top.

Much of the fine work on the project, which is intended to be completed for the local Cultural Week in September, will be done by the pastor himself, who has earned a reputation not only for noteworthy undertakings but also specifically for his labor with wood. His religious wooden sculptures, none so large as the current assignment, stand in churches and rectories throughout the area.


For the mammoth wooden monument, Pastor Anders will do handwork ranging from the rough chainsaw cutting to the finer finishing of the Christ figure. Stefan Andersson, the workshop foreman of the project, will handle the remainder of the work.

It's a movable monument, too. Like a weather vane, it will rotate in the direction of the breezes, and it will be in a prominent location that can be seen from afar. Pastor Johansson says that he got inspiration during Easter Week services, and he believes that the movement of the Resurrected Jesus sculpture will convey the idea of how the Holy Spirit appears from all directions and moves throughout peoples lives.

His Lutheran Church of Broby has become relatively popular compared to others in Sweden at this time, and traditional church services frequently attract between 80 and 90 worshipers.

Another of Pastor Johansson's projects entails removing some of the pews in the church itself and making room for a café where worshipers can sit, talk and have private exchanges with one another following services. "This will benefit the disabled, and it also creates a better place for leaving strollers," explains the modern thinking church leader. Presently, he is waiting for county clearance on the concept.