Wedding bliss didn’t last long for Sweden’s royal couple as it faces at least three formal complaints that have been filed on corruption linked to honeymoon gifts Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel accepted after their June 19 wedding, media reported Aug. 9.
"Complaints have been filed and I will hear the case next week," Sweden's top anti-corruption prosecutor Gunnar Stetler told the Stockholm tabloid Expressen. He said he had yet to decide if he would launch a preliminary investigation.
The complaints were linked to gifts the newlyweds accepted from wealthy businessman Bertil Hult, including use of his private jet and yacht during their honeymoon, several media reported.
The gifts were reportedly worth several million kronor (hundreds of thousands of euros/dollars).
The reports came a day after Peter Wolodarski, the top commentator at Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter, launched an attack on the princess for accepting the gifts.
"It is strange that Sweden's heir to the throne would allow a Swedish billionaire to provide transport and housing during her honeymoon when the same person through his (business) can potentially be interested in having the favours repaid," Wolodarski wrote.
The royal palace meanwhile insisted the princess had done nothing wrong.
"This was a private trip and a wedding gift from an old friend of the royal family," royal court spokeswoman Ulrika Näsholm told TT news agency.