Hot on the trail of a getaway car in Northern Sweden, the pursuing police were forced to break off the chase because their patrol car was running out of gas...and in this case, they could fill up only on the alternative fuel, ethanol.
Even more confounding to the police, in Sweden, police cars can fill up only by using specially issued credit cards, and not all stations honor the plastic payment that has been issued by competitors, not even for the law. Moreover, not all stations offer ethanol for alternative fuel vehicles.
A Police spokesman later said that the patrol car involved in the chase was refused ethanol gasoline by the owners at the nearest station, and therefore, they needed to backtrack some 15 miles to the nearest filling station with the correct fuel and which also accepted their gas company credit card for payment.

In northern Sweden, however, 'fleeing' is a temporary matter
Luckily for the long arm of the law, another police car was near enough to be hailed on the radio and alerted to the problem. They resumed the chase on the long highways in northernmost Sweden, where there is virtually no escape for culprits on paved side roads.
The suspects' speeding automobile was quickly located and they were apprehended. Law enforcement authorities later said that they would launch inquiries into finding a method to fuel their vehicles, no matter which gasoline chain was involved, on the long and lonely stretches through the country's extreme northern parts.