"Never be like us" writes Mikael Wiehe, and his philosophy reflects the 200 songs and lyrics that comprise what is an autobiographical life story by that name.
Once tagged with the local term best translated as "Danish A--hole" because he had moved to Copenhagen and Swedes thought he was a harsh and poignant Danish radical, Wiehe is best known as a member of "Hoola Bandoola" band for which he gained fame alongside the other leading member, the late Björn Afzelius.
"There are songs that you recognize but also a lot that you have not encountered before. Here are songs in new and old versions. Here are songs I've written for other artists. Here are songs in different genres. And the songs that for various reasons never got a place on any previous recording, " says Wiehe.
He has also dragged lyrics out of dresser drawers that have never been matched with melodies, and might never have meant to be sung. Also included are photographs shown for the first time along with songs about the birth and death, love and hate, hope and despair, victory and defeat.
"There are, in short, songs about life," comments Wiehe.
Coming in late Sept., the "Never be like us" album is a box of 16 CDs published by Warner Music, and only about half of the songs therein have been previously released.
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