According to an opinion poll by Skyscanner, the most beautiful people in the world live in Brazil (home of supermodel Gisele Bündchen) and the second most beautiful people live in Sweden, followed by the Indians, the third most beautiful people in the world, and they in turn were followed by Poland. The Norwegians, usually theses days so superior to Swedes in international polls, were way, way down on this list. The U.S came in as number 9.

World’s most attractive people according to Skyscanner users:


1. Brazil
2. Sweden
3. India
4. Poland
5. UK
6. Venezuela
7. Russia
8. Czech Republic
9. USA
10. Netherlands
10. Italy

Over 500 people voted in the poll which asked users to select the nation they believed to have the most attractive people. The shortlist was compiled of 34 countries that had all won a Miss World title at least once.