Nilsson is one of Sweden’s most prolific writers and a true champion of children’s culture. Her many books for young readers, especially the five books about Tsatsiki, have found fans not only in Sweden, but around the world.

The jury’s citation reads: … many young people have become readers through her compelling stories and unforgettable gallery of characters such as Tsatsiki, Salmiak, Morsan, Spock, Selma, Oella and Herm.

The Astrid Lindgren Prize (not to be confused with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) is awarded yearly by publisher Rabén & Sjögren to a Swedish writer on the birthday of Astrid Lindgren. The Prize was instituted on Astrid Lindgren’s 60th birthday, which makes today’s ceremony the 42nd. The award total is 50,000 SEK ($7.17313).

“This is an honor,” Nilsson said about receiving the prize, and commented on the fact that it is a bit unusual that books written for the age group 8-12 are awarded.

“It’s more often that picture books or books for teenagers are being awarded. But I write for this age group because it is a wonderful thing to be able to borrow their eyes to look at the world. If we want children to grow into adults who read books, we must write books for them. It’s generally thought of as the age when they devour books.”

Personal reflections on the author Astrid Lindgren, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, "Purveyor of sunshine. ..she made Sweden a superpower."