According to a new survey from Trygg Hansa (a Swedish insurance company) and the international insurance company RSA, matters like pollution, climate changes, and drunk drivers are the greatest causes of worry for Swedes.

Some 7,000 people (from England, Sweden, Canada, Argentina, the United Arab Emirate, and China) were polled about what they felt most worried about, as well as how worried they were. The Chinese were the most worried, with an index of 10.2. Their greatest worries were earthquakes, dangerous ingredients in food, cancer, drunk drivers and lack of water.


Although Sweden is a comparatively safe country, with a high living standard and long life expectancy, Swedes received a risk index of 9.2, right under China’s.

Says Malou Sjörin, director of external communications at Trygg-Hansa: “I think it has to do with the fact that Swedes are very aware, and always find out about things. It also has to do with how media report things.”

Globally what people worry most about is higher living expenses. Generally fear and worry is greater among people with children, than people without. Most worried are people with older children.