Swedish soccer players Tobias and Anton Hysén inherited their careers from their father Glenn, and the acting brothers Alexander, Bill and Gustav inherited theirs from father Stellan Skarsgård.

According to a study by Statistiska Centralbyrån (Sweden Statistics) ordered by the paper Du & Jobbet, every tenth Swede chooses to go in the footsteps of a parent.


Mostly it’s fishers and hunters (37.1% of their offspring chose the same careers), but also nurses and hospital personnel tend to have children who choose the same type of work.

Says Jan O Jonsson, professor of Sociology at Stockholm University: “Fishermen and farmers are classic groups where there is a high transference of heritage. It’s as if you inherit both the earth and the enterprise.”

According to Jonsson common reasons as to why we inherit our careers are the fact that it is well-known to us, there are possibilities in the form of our parents’ social network and contact, and we are also marked by our parents’ interests and values while we grow up. But there are also careers that we rarely inherit and those include: specialists in biology and forestry (0.8%), as well as physicists and chemists (0.9%).
Source: www.duochjobbet.se, www.scb.se