Queen Silvia sprained her foot in New York
Queen Silvia stumbled over a couple of garbage bags on her way into a car, fell and sprained her foot. The queen, who is visiting New York, recently participated in World Childhood Foundation’s Charity Dinner in Hillsboro Beach.

“She hurt her foot while trying to avoid a photographer who was coming too close,” says Bertil Ternert, Information Officer at the Royal Swedish Court. Silvia and her daughter Madeleine were doing some shopping in the store Beretta on Madison Avenue, outside of which a photographer from daily Aftonbladet waited for them.

“The queen and the princess were inside the store with their entourage. Outside the entrance was a photographer they had met earlier. They felt he didn’t show any consideration for the fact that they didn’t want to be photographed, so they both exited through a side entrance instead. The queen walked quickly to the parked car and then fell and hurt her foot while trying to avoid the photographer,” Ternert adds.

She sprained her foot and also hurt her hand a little bit. Ternert confirms that in spite of the accident the queen will follow through with her official program in New York.