“Every day I wear something I have received through clothing exchange,” says Emi Gunér who wears a black dress that she bought herself along with tights and boots, which she got through exchange. Emi has arranged clothing exchanges with her friends for the past ten years.

“It all began when I bought the wrong sort of fragrance in 2000. Gucci Rush. It smelled like fungus on me. So I decided to arrange a fragrance exchange with my friends, since I believe everybody makes mistakes sometimes when they buy perfume.”

That was a success and led to clothing exchanges. Several times a year Emi and her friends meet up. “

The fashion now dictates very big, wide clothes and clothes in stretchy materials where the size never is exact. Then you bring along clothes that simply don’t fit you well, there’s always a chance they’ll look better on somebody else,” she says.

When her friends meet, they always begin by talking about why they bought the item/s they’ve brought, and what they were thinking when they bought them. They also talk about exciting things they’ve done while wearing them. It’s all about giving the clothes a new chance in a loving home! One by one they unpack their clothes. Emma Aspelin has brought a pile of black and patterned pencil skirts, a dress from Velour and a blue track jacket.

”I received this dress as a gift from my boyfriend and he’d be so sorry if he saw me giving it away now,” she says. “But it’s simply too small.” Everybody gets to try on whatever they want to, and everybody gets to say what their first choice is. If only one person wants that piece of clothing, then it’s hers. Otherwise? “It always works out,” says Emi. Some friends leave with more than they brought, some with less, but Emi says in the long run it evens out.