Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the handsomest prince of them all?

Try Carl Philip of Sweden.

When the website www.beautifulpeople.com let 127,000 people vote for the most beautiful royals through the times, our Prince Carl Philip won the category “Handsomest Prince”.

That means 88% of the people voted for him.

The most beautiful princess of all is no longer with us – it was Grace of Monaco, aka Grace Kelly, who received that title. Swedish Princess Madeleine came on 7th place.

The five most handsome princes/kings are:
1. Carl Philip of Sweden
2. Andrea of Monaco
3. Frederik of Denmark
4. Harry of Wales
5. William of Wales.

The prettiest princesses/queens are:
1. Grace of Monaco
2. Rania of Jordania
3. Kate Middleton (soon to be Princess)
4. Diana of Wales
5. Charlotte of Monaco.

PS. Rumor has it there might soon be another royal wedding in Sweden - the handsome prince may not be a bachelor for much longer, according to some gossip sources: Carl Philip and Sofia move in together