Seven out of ten parents let their kids participate in the planning of their vacation. According to writer and special pedagogue Ylva Ellneby this is positive. But she warns parents not to put too much of the decisions on their children.

“What do you want to do?” is oftentimes a much too mature question for a child to wrap his or her mind around. “If children are constantly being the ones making the decisions, it’ll lead to a lot of stress,” Ylva Ellneby explains. But the fact that the development has gone from the all-decisive parents to having children involved in the planning is a good thing: “We are all marked by how we are treated as children, if we feel like we are part of what’s going on, then we continue taking for granted that we are of value later on in life.”

What happens then when our children help us decide where we are going? Is it all carousels and exotic animals? Well, no. The list of where kids want to go for vacation looks like this:
1. Swimming in a lake or a sea
2. Water park
3. Amusement park
4. Zoo
5. Shopping
6. Sports
7. Computer games.