Ingmar Bergman – not Karin’s son
According to a new DNA study by experts at the Forensic Medicine Administration, it seems the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) was not related to the woman he called mother: Karin Bergman. The tests show that the two were not biologically related, and that Bergman was most probably “switched at birth”. The claim came from a book published by Bergman's niece Veronica Ralston, following previous doubts over the famous director's paternity. "I contacted the board of Forensic Medicine to see if it was possible to perform a DNA analysis to clarify this," Ralston said. "I suggested that they could investigate stamps which Ingmar Bergman had licked and sent on letters and postcards to his parents and compare them with my DNA." Ralston, who is Karin Bergman's biological granddaughter, said the test results showed that Ingmar Bergman was not his family's natural child. She added that her grandmother might have had a stillborn child and that Ingmar Bergman could have been switched as a replacement for the lost baby. Her book is called: "Kärleksbarnet och bortbytingen" ('The love child and the changeling').