What do you know about Sweden?
Swedish meatballs? Swedish fish? Or Ikea and Abba? Hanna Aqvilin asks people in New York City what they know about Sweden.

Nic Cee
I know Sweden is located in northern Europe, between Denmark and Norway. Last summer you had a royal wedding. Your princess fell in love with her gym instructor. My mom is Swedish so maybe that’s why I know so much about the royalties in Sweden. I also wear Swedish underwear, in the Swedish colors blue and yellow from Björn Borg. Even though I've never been to Sweden.

David Maury
You guys drink a lot of coffee and eat sandwiches. Smorgasbord. And of
course Stig Larsson. I have read all three books about the girl with the
dragoon tattoo. They were awesome!

Sharon & Cory
Cory: I work for Ikea, so when I think about Sweden I immediately
associate it with furniture. But also with seafood.
Sharon: I associate Sweden with seafood as well—salmon to be more
precise. But also the Swedish band The Sounds, which I love. I have seen
them play three times here in US.

Hanna is new in New York and writes a blog (in Swedish!) for Nordstjernan, see: Ny i NY