What do you know about Sweden?
Swedish meatballs? Swedish fish? Or Ikea and Abba? Hanna Aqvilin asks people in New York City what they know about Sweden.

Sean Bailey from Ireland
I know it's a beautiful country, you also have lots of forests and water. Every day I see many Scandinavian people here in Central Park. I've had many Swedish customers, too; they are always friendly but not very fond of talking.

Allen Hanson from North Carolina
I know it's cold there and it's in Europe. I actually have a Swedish background—I think it goes back four generations—but I don’t know anything about them whatsoever. But when the subject comes up, like when I talk to you, I suddenly have a strong longing to know more about my family's past and my Swedish roots.

Joe Burdy from New York City
I know Denmark very well because I was studying economy over there. But I guess Denmark is quite similar to Sweden, right? I think it's a Social Democratic country and you will see blond people with blue eyes. I will go back to Denmark soon to visit my former host family and while I am there I might as well take a trip to Sweden.

Jonathan Persaud and Sarah Wing from Brooklyn, NY
Jonathan: I know one thing for sure, it's in Europe. I guess it's in the northern part. Isn’t Roger Federer the famous tennis player Swedish? (Note: He's from Switzerland).
Sara: I just know the town Helsinki in Sweden. (Note: Helsinki's the capital of Finland).

Victor from New York City
I know Sweden has beautiful women. Sweden also has a good history with no wars. It seems peaceful to live in Sweden and I think Sweden has fewer crimes compare with the U.S. I would love to go there some day soon, but I haven't been outside the U.S. yet so that's probably my first mission.

Hanna is new in New York and writes a blog (in Swedish!) for Nordstjernan, see: Ny i NY