Camilla Läckberg is the Swedish crime writer who makes the most money. Her company shows a profit of 4.6 million SEK ($728,364), and a turnover of over 30 million SEK ($4,750,000), which neither Henning Mankell, Leif GW Persson, Liza Marklund or Jan Guillou (other hot Swedish crime writers) can boast of. We're not counting the Millennium book trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson whose success is unprecedented.

Läckberg is famous for her crime stories set in Fjällbacka, a popular Swedish summer resort in Tanum Municipality. She has also written a children’s book called “Super-Charlie”.

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The amazing success of Scandinavian crime writers is showing in unexpected areas: Beginning in 2012 students at the prestigious Harvard University will get a dose of Swedish thrillers Harvard students learn about Salander