Sommerlath helped Jewish businessman: Queen Silvia has done a private investigation of her father Walther Sommerlath’s activities during WW2 following accusations that his activities as a member of the Nazi Party were stronger than the family had believed.

Silvia’s investigation shows that in 1939, her father Walther took over a factory in Germany, owned by a Jewish man. So far nothing’s new. What’s new is that Walther Sommerlath in exchange gave the man his coffee farm and three estates in São Paulo in Brazil. This made it possible for the Jewish man to leave Nazi Germany.

“I have looked through Brazilian and German archives,” the Swedish Queen told the daily Göteborgs-Posten. “And I found that my father and Efim Wechsler made an agreement about the factory in Berlin and the coffee farm in Brazil.” According to Silvia, this was all news for her and her brothers. “Our father never spoke about this time in his life, and we children never asked him either,” she says.

After 6 months in Brazil, Wechsler gave the coffee farm to a brother-in-law of Alice Sommerlath, Silvia’s mother and Walter’s wife. The Queen was helped by a cousin in Brazil who is a lawyer and a former national archivist in Sweden.