Shooting starts in Riga, Latvia at the end of August. The project has been up in the air for some time, since Film in Skåne (a regional center for film and video with the task of promoting all aspects of films) did not wish to invest as much money as they previously have. But the financial part has been solved anyway, says Daniel Ahlqvist, Executive Producer at Yellow Bird, a Swedish film and television production company.

“Film i Skåne has helped us out with a number of issues,” Ahlqvist explains. “Then other collaboration partners have helped us with equipment. And we ourselves have put in money from the production companies.” The parts being shot in Riga are “Hundarna i Riga” (“The Dogs of Riga”), “Innan frosten” (“Before the Frost”), and a newly written story called “New Beginnings”. “It’s about Kurt trying to get his act together and moving out of a house, but is interrupted and has to get back to work again.”

Will this be the last Wallander film? “We’ll see,” says Ahlqvist. “As long as things are working out, we’re happy to keep them coming.”

The first BBC produced Wallander series ran on PBS in the U.S. -
Also, the original Swedish produced series are available in the U.S. on DVD: