Swedish Metro.se were among the faster, hooked up with author and royal expert Herman Lindqvist and talked to him. “I was very happy when I heard the news,” Lindqvist said. “Since I live in France, my first reaction was to have a glass of champagne.” No other couple has the same pressure to produce an heir, as a crown princess and prince, he explains. So this must be a great relief.

“And this child will be born into a marriage built on love, not politics.” According to tradition, it is unlikely that Victoria will give birth at a hospital, rather at home at Haga. “But Victoria herself was born at Karolinska, because Silvia was worried and it was her first child.” Other than that, no other regulations such as planned C-sections or anything will be part of the procedure. “They will simply do whatever they have to do to make the birth as good as they can,” Lindqvist says. “There haven’t been any children at Haga in a long time. Haga Palace has been a little sad, so I hope Victoria and her family can break that spell.”

And names?

“Here’s where tradition and good taste come in. Victoria won’t call her child Conny or anything like that. The most common names for boys are Carl, Philip, Gustav, and Oscar. For girls Sofia, Desiree, Margareta, or Ulrika are names she might consider. One of the names will come from Daniel’s family.”