The leaving leader of the Swedish Center Party, Maud Olofsson, will be an adviser in a new expert group tied to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a letter Clinton asks Olofsson to take her place in the group, whose name is International Council on Women's Business Leadership.
“I’m very happy and flattered,” says Olofsson to daily Svenska Dagbladet. “This is really an acknowledgement.”


The group forms an advising body and its task, according to news reports in Sweden, is to strengthen women’s financial position.

The State Department's announcement of Dec. 30, 2010 gives the council a wider meaning: The Council will provide advice and assistance in the formulation of U.S. policy, positions, proposals and strategies for multilateral and bilateral negotiations, business outreach and commercial diplomacy, particularly pertaining to the economic empowerment of women for global economic prosperity where the State Department has the lead negotiating authority.
The objective of the Council is to bring to the United States Government a source of expertise, knowledge and insight not available within the Department or elsewhere in the government on these issues.