The two Swedish stars are set to participate in the American drama “Disconnect.” (Most likely a working title)

Skarsgård is so far still best known in the US for his role in the TV series “True Blood,” while Nyqvist gained notoriety for his part in the Swedish produced “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

“Disconnect” is a film about people who are affected by the internet in different ways. Variety reports that Skarsgård will play a former Marine under financial pressure, and Nyqvist the man suspected of stealing his identity. Other actors involved are Frank Grillo and Colin Ford. Before “Disconnect” is made and released, you can catch Skarsgård in “True Blood” and Rod Luri’s film “Straw Dogs” and Nyqvist in “Mission Impossible IV.” It would seem Michael Nyqvist has become the next favorite European bad guy in Hollywood.