Stormare: “Good that SD is in the parliament”
Though they are losing sympathizers, Swedish actor Peter Stormare (a longtime U.S. resident) believes that the Sweden Democrats’ entrance into the Riksdag was a “good thing”.

“It means the other parties have to be on their toes,” the actor says in an interview in the next issue of the magazine “King”. “I followed the Swedish election,” Stormare continues, “and was a bit disappointed that the established media in Sweden, led by the evening papers, described all Sweden Democrats as Nazis and Fascists who wish to kill immigrants and build Aryan temples.”

Stormare goes on to say that nearly 7% of all Swedish voters by voting for SD, expressed dissatisfaction with something in society, but instead of bothering to find out what it was about, media simply called them “idiots”.

“I am in no way, shape or form behind the Sweden Democrats,” Stormare says, “but you cannot just dismiss their supporters. It’d be better to look into what it is in Sweden today that they [the voters] are so unhappy about.”

When asked if he sees no problems with a party that has its roots in an extreme right-winged ideology, Stormare says: “Yes, but I still think it’s a good thing they entered the Swedish riksdag, it means the other parties must be on their toes on all levels.” Stormare has no solution as to what the unhappiness in society is really about, but he believes that for years there’s been a smoke screen in Sweden making Swedes believe they’re best at everything: “That’s beginning to disappear now,” he says, “which is really good. Immigration has taught us a whole lot about ourselves, which is also great.”

King magazine in Sweden is a lifestyle and fashion magazine for men but should not be confused with its U.S. namesake