What do you know about Sweden?
Swedish meatballs? Swedish fish? Or Ikea and Abba? Hanna Aqvilin asks people in New York City what they know about Sweden.

Dan Nelson from New York
Sweden has nice cars but car insurance is expensive. The country has free social and health care and Swedes don't have to pay for their education. There're a lot of forests and lakes, and the streets are very clean.


Bissum, recent New Yorker
Sweden is similar to Germany - people are blond and tall. Europeans are very liberal and free-spoken. I have many European customers, they like to buy this one (he points at the painting which pictures the skyline by night). I'm just here in New York to earn money, and I'm looking forward to go back to Nepal in two years.

Said from New York
Sweden is cold and has a lot of snow. You also eat weird stuff, like decomposed fish. I saw the news about the massacre in Norway, that is close to Sweden right? That's horrible! It's surreal that this is happening in Norway, a country that's so safe and have little to no security measures compared with the US.

Anthony Viere, Dolph Lundgren fan
I know Sweden has a good economy. It's the leading and richest country in Scandinavia, though Norway is the largest country. The Swedish football player Henke Larsson, he's also from Cape Verde like me. I also know the actor Dolph Lundgren, he's cool.

George and Sofia visiting from Canada
George: Sweden is in Europe, they are good at hockey, even if we beat them all the time. I think Sweden and Canada have some similarities. Both have a successful social welfare system and good economy. The countries have many winter games and a lot of forests.
Sofia: I like Sweden a lot, many tourists come to Rhodes, Mykonos and Crete. I don't know anyone from Greece who has been to Sweden. It's too far away and we tend not to go to cold places. Those Swedes I have met are polite, sometimes shy and quiet.

Marcus and Nina, visiting from Germany
Marcus: You have big companies like Saab, Volvo and H&M. The capital is very beautiful and surrounded by canals. The landscape is nice, I have friends who used to go to Sweden during the summer.
Nina: I know Sweden has a royal family, and arranged a famous wedding last year. Is it true that they are expecting a boy? The Swedish queen is famous in Germany, she grew up in a small village in southern Germany. I know this because the tabloids love to write about the Swedish royalties.

Alberto, working tables in Manhattan
I have had guests from Sweden. They are very nice and always friendly and polite. They are always pleased with the food and never complain. Sweden seems like a peaceful country. I am from Italy so I know that Swedes like to travel to Italy as well. I think the Italian culture, food and nature attract.

Muhammed, New York
My niece is living in Sweden, her husband works at a hospital in Stockholm. She says it's just dark two hours a day during the summer. That's amazing! I would love to go there but I don't think it will happen. I love my work here even if I never have time to travel.