During a recent interview with the British daily The Guardian, the Swedish actor reveals he much prefers New York City and Stockholm to Los Angeles.

“I came here 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t been sober a day since I came. It’s not like I’m completely wasted, but every night there’s been something. In LA you have to plan, like, ‘All right, next Saturday, let’s get drunk and let’s not drive – we’ll arrange a car.’ In Stockholm or New York you go out, you have a late lunch, you end up ordering a bottle of wine, and someone shows up, you order another. I love that, just the flow of it.”

The way we understand it this particular quote is a bit out of context. Alexander Skarsgård has most likely used this as one of many examples of how urban life in L.A. with its constant traffic problems and long distances is different from cities where you have the luxury of traveling by foot or by public transportation.