And subsequently, the male dominance will increase every year. Sweden has had more females than males since long before the start of the national registration in 1749. Sure, more boys than girls are born, but in earlier years, wars, unhealthy living and hard work has paved the way for more women.

Daily Sydsvenskan has looked into the matter and pinpointed the breaking point as April 26, 2015. After that date, expect to see more men than women, as the life expectancy of men will increase due to a number of medical advances. Meanwhile, Swedish women are leading less healthy lives than before, they work harder, smoke and drink more and are also more susceptible to stress and exhaustion.

“There’s probably a ceiling for how quickly life expectancy can increase,” says Sven-Olof Isacsson, professor of community medicine at Lund University.

“Swedish women are close to hitting that ceiling, therefore men are catching up with them.” The increase in men also has to do with immigration, more men than women immigrate to Sweden from former Yugoslavia, Africa and the Middle East. Manliest city in Sweden? Övertorneå with 53.1 percent men. Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg still have a 51 percent female dominance.