Göran Persson's new life
Former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson (of the Social Democratic Party) is planning crayfishing on a big scale now that his career as a PR consultant at JKL, a strategic communication advising company, is coming to an end.
“I near the age now when I have to do something else,” Persson told daily Aftonbladet. He is investing a lot of money in his estate Torp in Södermanland. House after house there is being renovated and millions of Swedish crowns are being pumped into the project, according to Aftonbladet. Persson already has a functioning forestry as well as a farm, now he’s beginning to tinker with crayfishing and hunting.
“There’s a whole lot of crayfish there,” he says about Lake Båven, where he has a private beach.
Does this mean you can go hunting and fishing at Göran’s?
“We’ll see exactly what I do, I haven’t decided yet.” Göran Persson and his wife Anitra Steen’s estate turned out very well last year; the couple had a profit of over 2 million SEK ($302,000), and Persson is counting on making his work on Torp as a full-time occupation soon: “Of course, this is my retirement project.” Göran Persson will turn 63 next January.

You've all read it before but we took a liking to the then-PM's stance in 2001, after the World Trade Center terror acts - We Stand Together