This is an exciting time for professional chocolatier Emanuel Andrén. His chocolate truffles, often with Swedish inspired noble flavors, are a favorite of the Swedish Royal Family, and have been enjoyed by emperors of Japan and the stars of the 50th Grammy Awards.
Named "Pastry Chef of The Year" in Sweden, Andrén is now launching his chocolate brand in the U.S. with the aim to be known as the world’s most luxurious chocolate.
”My truffles are not like candy that you quickly throw in your mouth, swallow and walk away. I want to create striking pieces of art. I want to make people happy, make them smile and give them a completely new experience.”

In fact, $30 is the price for one exclusive truffle, handmade by Andrén himself, and as he manifests it, "They are made for special occasions."
Emanuel Andrén, a sixth generation chef and a member of Sweden's national culinary team, inherited his love for pastry arts from his family. The family-owned company has been producing confections since 1868 in the small Swedish town of Lilla Edet, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. With his creative energy and desire to learn new pastry techniques, Emanuel pursued additional education in confections, which is when his passion for chocolate took hold.
An outlet for Andrén’s creative talents, however, is his striking chocolate art. “What I love about this,” he enthuses, “is that everything depends on how creative you are. I love challenges, and to make bread and cakes and do the same thing every day wasn’t ever my thing. My passion belongs to chocolate.”

The uniqueness of his ingredients makes Andrén stand apart from his competition. He uses Valrhona, a French chocolate of the highest quality, combined with the most luxurious and exclusive ingredients. "I go my own way. I just take ingredients that I like, and I figure if I like it, then other people will like it, too. Apparently that’s working very well,” Andrén explains.
By manipulating uncommon combinations and creating a palette of flavors, such as champagne and strawberry, elderberry, raspberry and tobacco, and Västerbotten cheese with cloudberry, he offers a contrasting exotic tasting experience.
“What I created here is more than just chocolate. They are made with love to bring out all the flavors, if blueberry is used it will be real blueberries, not the essence. Today it’s sad that everything is destroyed by chemical flavoring; many, especially children, have never seen a real blueberry, neither do they have any idea what they taste like.”

Emanuel Andrén’s chocolate collection, like their handsome black and silver brocade packaging, are luxurious and sophisticated and paired into boxed gift sets designed to complete each unique sensation. Distinctive mixes include Rich and Robust, Passion and Glamour, Rustic Harmony, Swedish Berries, Royal Tribute and Red Carpet. Each notable boxed set can be purchased in four-piece or sixteen-piece collections, and are only availble online at: