Attling’s jewelry, already well-established in Sweden, has been launched in America, and stars like Thurman, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna are already converts.

It is a simple strategy that works: Place your stuff on a body that people are sure to look at. Attling’s group of companies turned over 92 million SEK (over $14 million) last year, and her designs are available all over the world, including China. A month or so ago, she opened a boutique on Manhattan in New York. “Not everybody goes from being a model, to a pop singer, to a TV personality the way I’ve done in my career,” Attling said in an interview on Swedish TV. She started making her own jewelry in the mid 1990's. Efva Attling is married to singer/song writer Eva Dahlgren and the two now live part-time in an apartment on New York’s Lower East Side.


We got a first peek at Efva Attling's Manhattan store during New York's Fashion’s Night Out in September: A first for Efva Attling in NYC