Everyone's Charlie...
The name that's on everybody's lips in Sweden is Charlie. Regardless of gender, more and more celebrity babies are named Charlie - and non-celebrities are fast to copy the trend.
“It’s irritating,” says Alex Schulman, journalist, blogger, TV personality, and father of Charlie Schulman (a girl). But Schulman wasn’t first; writer Camilla Läckberg was first in naming her son Charlie. And two weeks ago, model, singer, author Magdalena Graaf gave birth to son Charlie Larsson, and blogged about it: “In twenty years Charlie Larsson will flirt with Charlie Schulman while out drinking with Charlie Läckberg.”

More and more Swedes chose the name Charlie for their child. Statistiska Centralbyrån’s (Sweden Statistics) list over the 100 most common boy names has Charlie on its 26th spot, however the name remains uncommon for girls. But that might change. Alex and Amanda Schulman was the first set of parents to give their daughter the name, but last year 29 other baby girls were named Charlie.

“It’s a bit irritating,” Alex Schulman says. “I feel like it’s my name somehow.” Name expert Eva Brylla says the name trend is normal: “It’s related to status,” she explains. “You wish your own child to have the same kind of success and prosperity as the child he or she is named after. That’s what we’ve done with the names of queens all through the years.”

More curious about names? Check Statistiska Centralbyrån (Search "Vanliga namn")

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