The problems in Egypt have scared many Swedish tourists away and about 40 percent fewer Swedes than last year are planning on going there for Christmas and New Years, according to travel agency Ticket. “Of course the revolution has meant a setback for Egypt’s tourism,” says Martin Durnik, spokesperson for Ticket. The decline in trips to Egypt has meant an upswing for tourist destinations such as Grand Canary Island, which happens to be the most popular destination for Swedes for Christmas and New Years. And the U.S. continues to be popular, too: The number of Swedish tourists going to New York has doubled, and the trips to Miami have gone up with 30 percent since last year. “Many have been going to southeast Asia for years now and want to go west to try something new,” says Durnik.

Here are the top ten tourist destinations for Swedes:
1. Grand Canary Island (Spain)
2. Phuket (Thailand)
3. Bangkok (Thailand)
4. New York
5. Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
6. Hurghada (Egypt)
7. Krabi (Thailand)
8. Cancun
9. Miami
10. London.


Faraway destinations for sure, but when it comes to most popular means of transportation, Swedes actually favor the bus. According to a new poll by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, long trips with the bus is how Swedes prefer to travel, followed by the taxi and airplane (both in second place). The least favorite means of transportation is the railway. Not too surprising, since the Swedish railways have been having major problems with delays lately.