22 things Swedes no longer do
The Swedish online version of Metro (www.metro.se) listed 22 things that Swedes no longer do, thanks to technology’s quick and steady progress. Not all of them apply to Americans, but most of them do. Do you remember the days when you…
1. Put photos in an album.
2. Signed a check.
3. Collected CD’s.
4. Carried a pager.
5. Wrote a love letter.
6. Looked up a number in the phone book.
7. Had pen pals.
8. Memorized phone numbers.
9. Used an encyclopedia.
10. Bought the special TV insert.
11. Checked a physical map before you went somewhere.
12. Called the speaking clock (Fröken Ur in Swedish).
13. Went to a travel agency to book your trip.
14. Made tapes with mixed music for the tape recorder.
15. Had an address book.
16. Bought a one-time camera.
17. Wrote in longhand.
18. Listened to an MP3 player.
19. Recorded shows on a video tape.
20. Dropped off your film to be developed.
21. Called to book movie tickets.
22. Used a public phone booth.