Ingmar Bergman's dreams sold
Twenty-one dreams jotted down on paper as well as 32 other handwritten notes were recently sold for close to 100,000 SEK ($14,353) at Stockholms auktionsverk. All of them were written by Ingmar Bergman, and belonged to a lot auctioned off by Bergman’s housekeeper, Anita Haglöf. Stockholms auktionsverk won’t reveal who purchased the dream notes (sold for 41,650 SEK or $5,977) or the prosaic messages (sold for 53,900 SEK or $7,735), but information officer Anna Hamilton said they were bought by a private person. “It was a fairly expected price, but still a good price for a few pieces of paper with pencil jottings on them.” And what did these pieces of paper say? Here are two samples: “The new cheese is bad, tastes like nothing” and “Dear good Anita! Thank you for scaring off the ghosts and thank you for everything else. Your friend Ingmar.” If the person who bought the notes should want to publish them, he or she must turn to the late director’s estate for approval, and it is already clear that Bergman’s family will be very restrictive with permissions like that.