Santa Kevin
Call him Santa Kevin. His real name is Kevin Hansson, and he’s 11 years old. As a child Kevin was having problems with his pancreas, and had to spend long periods at the hospital – something he remembers as boring. Last summer he got an idea: “I thought that all children who’re there now ought to have some fun for Christmas,” he says. So he began saving his money, recycling soda bottles and cans and this past week he unpacked his gifts at the children’s ward, everything from a doll’s bed, to dolls, films, trucks, and animals. Kevin had no requests from the real Santa for himself at all. “What I want the most is for these children to be well, to be with their families, and to eat good food. They ought to be healthy, really,” he says. Here’s the letter from Kevin to the children at the Hudiksvall hospital:
“I was born with a different kind of stomach and had to spend time here at the ward, which I remember as being very difficult. I often think about the children who have to be here, and last summer I came up with the idea that I wanted to do something for these children. That’s when I began saving coins and recycling cans and things like that. All I want to say is, that even though it’s so boring to be here and to be sick, I just hope that you will have some fun with the things I bought. I have tried to find things that will suit many children. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, from Kevin in Färila.”