Swede most important in world of music
The most important person in the music industry is a Swede named Daniel Ek. At least according to the business magazine Forbes. It is Forbes that has appointed Ek, the founder of the music streaming service Spotify as the Most Important Man In Music.
“More than New York or L.A. or Nashville, this rented office space along Stockholm’s Birger Jarlsgatan has become the most important place in music, with Ek now standing as the industry’s most important player,” the article reads.
Ek created Spotify together with Martin Lorentzon in 2006; the business quickly grew and for many Swedes, Spotify is the only music service they’ll ever need. Instead of downloading song by song or album by album, the music is streamed through the Internet either to your computer of your mobile phone. “Spotify’s Daniel Ek created a free, Facebook-enabled platform that could save the recording industry from piracy—and iTunes,” according to Forbes. Source: www.forbes.com

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