An embarrassing guest! That’s what Danish tabloid newspaper Ekstrabladet calls Sweden’s King Carl XIV Gustaf’s behavior at the recent gala celebrations in Copenhagen, when Queen Margrethe II celebrated 40 years on the throne.

The Swedish King couldn’t keep his fingers away from his mobile phone, and now he’s being compared to the young Danish princes Christian, Nikolaj, and Felix – who range in age from six to 12, all of whom had brought devices to fiddle with during the long festive mass at Christiansborg Palace Chapel. The Swedish king, who is all of 65 years old, was photographed using his smart phone too. But Swedish reporter Johan T Lindwall says it wasn’t that much of a deal, the photo of the Swedish King was taken before the actual celebrations began. (Is anyone surprised by the selected headline..? Danes truly enjoy slamming the Swedes mostly in a good-hearted way and vice versa)

Extrabladet, an offspring of Politiken, is focusing on sensationalist stories and ahs sometimes been referred to as in opposition to anyone in a position of power. See the coverage of the recent incident at the Christiansborg Palace Chapel with photographs by Anthon Unger: Svensker-kongen hev mobilen frem i kirken and, for more info on the EkstraBladet