We don’t know if it’s a he or a she yet, Victoria and Daniel’s baby (due in March) but the baby-to-be already has its very own lullaby. When Victoria married Daniel, her piano teacher, Ingemar Thorell, wrote the music to the bridal march “Länge leve kärleken” (Long live love). Now he has composed music to the lullaby “Vad du än i världen bär”, a lullaby with a theme of love. Daniel Hemberg wrote the lyrics, and Sofia Geidvik sing it.

“A bridal march is usually followed by a lullaby,” Thorell, who now works as a music instructor in Uddevalla, says. “They go together.” It was when Thorell taught at Carlssons skola in Stockholm that he came in touch with the royal children and subsequently gave them private lessons at the Drottningholm Palace. “The Bernadottes are musically talented,” he says, and adds that he wants the royalties expected from the royal lullaby (no pun intended) to go to Victoria’s fund: Kronprinsessan Victorias Fond

Be the first among your friends to hear the new song dedicated to Crown Princess Victoria's unborn baby: Sveriges Radio P4 and links to other recordings (You have to scrol down a bit at P4's website -"P4 Morgon Väst")