Fred and Pauline Mathes' granddaughter, Stephanie Laich, received two scholarship awards while attending college. After graduation she wanted to personally thank all the VASA members and thought of a special way to do it. As a surprise, she and her mother brought a delicious cake to one of our lodge meetings. Written on top of the cake were the words, "Thank you VASA."
Stephanie personally thanked the lodge: "I would like to thank VASA for the scholarships I received for college. I graduated from Fresno State in December, 2011, with a B.S. in Business Management. I decided on this course after working as an assistant manager and realizing that I like working in management. I received two scholarships—the first was a district scholarship (Golden Gate District #12) in 2003 for $1,000.00 and the second was from Norden Lodge #684 in 2005, for $500.00. These scholarships were a big help in assisting with supplies and books for my classes."
Thank you, Stephanie Laich!
Carole Ann Sell