Crown Princess Victoria is the most popular person in the Swedish royal family. And here’s some news that might increase her popularity: Unlike royals from other countries, Victoria is a budget shopper, at least when it comes to her maternity clothes.

Queen Rania of Jordan spent a fortune on her maternity clothes, as did Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Victoria is thrifty in comparison. First of all, she has chosen mostly Swedish labels like H&M (famous for their low prices), Back and Greta. She has been seen wearing her H&M Mama coat for 699 SEK ($102) as if it were the most amazing Chanel. From her favorite brand Greta come a couple silk dresses that retail for 3,000 SEK a piece ($440). These are dresses that aren’t made for maternity per say, so Victoria will be able to use them after baby is born, too. And what about the pretty dress she wore at the Grand Hotel, when she gave Peter Wallenberg the “Årets Svensk i Världen” award? The one with a rolled collar and yellow pattern? That dress is not Swedish design, but comes from the British L.K. Bennett and costs around 2,000 SEK ($294).


But there are exceptions of course, and one of them is the beautiful midnight blue sequined gown Victoria wore when the Nobel Prizes were handed out last December. It was designed by Pär Engsheden (who also designed her wedding gown), and cost around 80,000 SEK ($11,774). Well, she’s a Crown Princess after all.
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