This happens after Victoria has her baby
Sweden is preparing for the arrival of the royal baby. Well, perhaps not Sweden, but at least the Swedish Crown Princess, Victoria, and her husband Prince Daniel. The Royal Swedish Court has now put out information on their website as to what can be expected to happen after the baby arrives.

The Riksmarskalk (the marshal of the realm) will notify the parliament about the birth. After that a communiqué from the Riksmarskalk will be published on the net, the Royal Swedish Court’s website and on their Facebook page. The King will call for a cabinet meeting where he will inform the parliament about the baby’s title, full name, given name, as well as which duchy is being given him or her. There will also be a Te Deum, a thanksgiving service, which is an old church ritual. The Te Deum will be held at Slottskyrkan the day after the birth (unless the birth happens on a Saturday, in which case it will be held on the Monday following).

The Court also writes: “The invitations to the Te Deum were sent out February 1 and 2. This is because the court always sends out invitations to greater events about a month before the event.”
You can read more here: Tradition och praxis vid kunglig födsel (in Swedish only)