Tesla Motors VP joins SACC SF Board
The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/Silicon Valley has a new addition to its capable Board of Directors: Peter Carlsson, VP of Supply Chain at Tesla Motors. The Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of electric cars is preparing to launch the new Model S in May, so Carlsson’s looking forward to a busy and exciting time.

Born and raised in Sweden, Carlsson joined Tesla in 2011 from NXP in Singapore where he was chief procurement officer, a position he previously held at Sony Ericsson. He believes his experience from three different continents and a variety of industries can bring a new network and perspective to the chamber.

Carlsson has a vigorous personality and the main reason he joined Tesla was the challenge and opportunity to be a part of taking an innovative company to new heights. He compares this to his time at Sony Ericsson when he was part of their big expansion earlier in his career. Carlsson believes a lot of the energy and positive attitude that currently surrounds Tesla, which other companies in Silicon Valley have experienced for decades, bears a similarity to the attitude currently found in many Asian countries. The explanation to this, he believes, is that people in Asian countries and in Silicon Valley tend to be less afraid of losing and more eager to win; this is also reflected in the investments in these areas.
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce welcomes Peter Carlsson to the board and hopes he can put his dynamic personality to good use in the organization.


By: Philip Leander