Celebrities on the royal baby
Celebrities, too, are happy and sharing their thoughts. Here's what some of them had to say to metro.se
Ebba von Sydow (journalist, blogger, TV-personality): “[I think her name will be] Kristina, I hope! And Ingrid as a middle name, it’s already taken in Norway. And Sibylla!”
Carl Bildt (Sweden’s Foreign Minister): “My warmest congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to the birth of their daughter.”
Jimmie Åkesson (leader of the Sweden Democrats): “My most heartfelt congratulations to the Crown Princess couple and the newborn princess.”
Annie Lööf (leader for the Center Party): “A little princess! That’s amazing for Sweden, but most of all for the new parents (…) I want to send my warmest greetings to the Crown Princess couple and hope they get some time to enjoy the moment!”
Maria Wetterstrand (former spokesperson for the Green Party): “I like Victoria and Daniel and I am happy that all went well with the baby.”
Lars Ohly (former leader for the Left Party): “Congratulations to all new parents in the world! Can’t we just come to an agreement to abolish inherited power, so that the kids can do what they want?”
Fredrik Federley (Swedish Center Party politician): “A queen should be followed by a queen. It was about time!”
Niklas Strömstedt (musician, artist): “Perhaps right now Victoria and Daniel are fantasizing about what the baby will be when she grows up.”
Jonas Gardell (comedian, author): “Hooray for the queen-to-be who has given birth to a queen-to-be! Victoria has single-handedly turned Sweden into a matriarchy.”
Ulf Malmros (film director): “The name of the princess ought to market Sweden. What’s the point otherwise? I suggest: Abba Ikea Roxette Bernadotte.”
Magnus Uggla (artist): “Congratulations Victoria and Daniel! With wishes from Kung Uggla.”
Hillevi Larsson (Swedish Social Democratic politician and former chairwoman of the Republikanska föreningen – the Republican Association): “Victoria and Daniel have had a daughter. Congratulations to the parents, but isn’t it bizarre that the girl now is to be ‘inspected’ by the Prime Minister and speaker of the house?”