Dissension about Princess's name
The name Estelle didn't make Swedish author Herman Lindqvist happy. Historian, author and royal expert Herman Lindqvist is not happy about the choice of name Victoria and Daniel have made in naming their baby Estelle. Herman Lindqvist would have preferred a name like Ulrica, Sofia, Astrid or Margareta. Estelle, he says,

“sounds like the name of a night club queen”. “It’s terrible,” he told Aftonbladet. “It’s never happened that a queen has been named Estelle, and perhaps it never will.” Harsh words from the otherwise so calm and collected historian.


“It’s a strange choice that I think will be much discussed. The name has nothing to do with Sweden’s history. I think the names are inappropriate and quite ugly.” Lindqvist also dishes the princess’ middle names: he likes Ewa well enough, but it’s not a royal name, Silvia is too Germanic, and Mary is unacceptable because it’s an English version – he’d rather have seen Victoria and Daniel use Marie.

The Swedish people have criticized Herman Lindqvist’s verbal attack on the names; many think it was brave of the new parents to make a different and unusual choice, but there are those who agree that Queen Estelle is a bit hard to swallow.

Herman Lindqvist has since apologized.