Pippa Middleton enters Vasaloppet
Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, is going to ski the Vasaloppet race on Sunday.

“It’s great,” says Jonas Bauer, managing director of the race. Several British tabloids have reported on Pippa taking on the almost 56-mile race; and it has now been confirmed that Pippa and her brother James Middleton have registered for the race.


“We were contacted by a person close to them who asked us to solve this,” says Vasaloppet’s information officer Per Strid in a press release. Pippa Middleton will ski for charity – to promote health in young people, according to Star Magazine she has already collected sponsor money. She is probably in good shape; photos show she’s run races before and biked.

“She can look forward to a 6-mile race. How tough it’s going to be depends on how well-trained she is. But if you’re in good physical shape, and have skied before, you can do it. The finishing line closes at 8:30, so she has 12 and a half hour to get to Mora,” Per Strid adds.

All in all, counting all races during this week, over 62,000 people will race one course or another during the Vasaloppet winter week.

Vasaloppet was recently suggested as new Swedish National Day in an Op-ed in Sweden Vasaloppet – a better national holiday?