Private fortune pays for Madeleine
Many Swedes have become upset over Princess Madeleine no longer working for the royal court. But recently on Swedish television, Bertil Ternert, Press Secretary at the Royal Swedish Court, comes to the princess’ defense.

“Her stay in New York is being paid for by the court’s private fortune,” he explained. The princess certainly hasn’t fulfilled many royal duties lately, and it may be upsetting to some to read about what seems to be her luxurious life in New York, and to think it’s being paid for by tax money.


“When it comes to Princess Madeleine, she has no royal appanage when in the US,” Ternert explained. “Her stay there is being paid by private means. It’s important to know that when the Bernadotte family came to Sweden they brought a fortune, and it has been in the family ever since.” Ternert also rejects the criticism that Madeleine isn’t working in New York. “She works for the charity organization Childhood. There are three people working there, and the princess works with several projects. She works full-time for Childhood.”