Robyn – Swede in the world
Again the popular artist Robyn is being praised to the skies. This time by the prestigious Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer, which chose Robyn as this year’s “Svenska i världen”. The artist picked up the award at a gala at Cirkus in Stockholm, at which she said: “I think it’s difficult to view my self from outside.”

Robyn has been dominating hit lists and she has been seen all over the world (including on several American TV-shows). At the gala, she called the record business “one of the most conservative, backward businesses in the world”. Robyn has her own record company, Konichiwa, and says she is looking for a mentor to help her understand how to run a business: “I have no insight in how to be a boss and how to delegate and let go. I don’t see myself as a leader.” This summer, Robyn will open for the popular British band Coldplay during their tour. (Coming to Texas and Fla. in late June and Georgia, Pennsylvania and D.C. in early July)


For more info on Robyn, see Robyn and, to hear some of her songs on My Space / Robyn

Veckans Affärer also selected other personalities in the following categories:
Person of power 2012: Annie Lööf, new leader of the Center Party
Backbone of 2012: Inga-Britt Ahlenius, former former Under-Secretary-General for United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)
Eye opener of 2012: Camilla Kuylenstierna, author
Man against the stream of 2012: Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson
Entrepreneur of 2012: clothing designer Gudrun Sjödén
Newcomer of 2012: Ingalill Berglund, CEO of Atrium Ljungdahl.