Madeleine: 'I try to do as much as I can'
Princess Madeleine is breaking her silence, and steps up to answer to the criticism that she's not doing anything but leading a party life in New York City. Daily Expressen met with a happy princess who says she feels good about being back in Stockholm (she came soon after the birth of baby Estelle, her niece). “It feels good to be home,” she said. Expressen noted that she had been hurt by the criticism in Swedish media: “I really try to do as much as possible when I am home. My days back here have been filled with meetings with several organizations. I had a meeting today with Min stora dag (the goal of the foundation My big day is to grant wishes to critically ill children who are suffering from life-threatening diseases), which was fun, rewarding, and exciting. It’s an organization that’s growing a lot, and the people there are great,” she said, and added that it looks like she’ll remain in the States and continue working for Childhood, but that she’ll soon come back to Sweden again. “We all look forward to the christening (of baby Estelle),” she said.
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