Crown Princess Victoria: "It's a great adjustment"
"She sleeps and she eats, but we are not quite in a phase yet," says Crown Princess Victoria to daily Aftonbladet regarding her new baby, 19-day-old Estelle. Aftonbladet met the new mom on a walk near the Haga Palace with the baby in a carriage, and two security guards nearby.

“It is wonderful. It’s an amazing feeling,” the Crown Princess says about being a mother. “But it is also a great adjustment. I really want this time to myself, to be with Estelle. It’s important for me to take this chance and stay at home.” She adds she’s happy to have a spring baby, not needing a lot of heavy clothes to pile on. While Victoria stays at home with the baby, Prince Daniel’s paternity leave is soon up—on April 12, he’ll be back in the swing of things, with a visit to Volvo in Göteborg.
Here's how the two met: Once upon a time.. and on the birth of the couple's daughter, Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary Sweden's new princess!